How to use Microsoft Loopback Adapter for internet access on Virtual PC (Part 3)

From within Virtual PC

1.       Select your virtual machine

2.       Go to the Settings (either right-click the VM and select "Settings" or from within a running instance go to the "Edit" menu and select "Settings)

3.       Click the "Networking" setting

4.       For your network adapter, select "Microsoft Loopback Adapter"


Now, you should be able to see your other running Virtual PC instances that also share the same loopback adapter!

Note: If you run into a problem where you can’t select the Microsoft Loopback Adapter", you’ll need to verify that

1) The "Virtual Machine Networking Services" are installed for the loopback adapter, and

2) If they are, and you still can’t select the adapter, uninstall the service and then reinstall the service (by pointing to the Virtual PC installation directory under Utility/VMNetSrv).


4 thoughts on “How to use Microsoft Loopback Adapter for internet access on Virtual PC (Part 3)

  1. I am unable to ping Host machine from Virtual machine,I am using XP mode on Windows 7 Professional.
    I tried changing network settings for VM but no luck. I have license server(which needs static IP) on Host machine and I want to run software in VM which points to host as its license server. I am struggling to find solution.

  2. Try setting up to NICs on your VM machine. One will have static IP and will communicate only on private virtual network. The other NIC will use the Host’s loopback adapter and talk to the host.

    This should solve your problem.

  3. @Sandeep , I have tried to add MS loopback adapter on Host machine. But it always shows unidentified network.
    Since my license server needs statid IP on Host, I generated licnese using loopback’s static IP.
    Now my client on VM needs to somehow communicate to host for getting that license. So I am not able to ping to Host with static IP which I have assigned in Host loopback adapter.
    Anyway to do it? I never thought it will be so difficult just to ping from Host to VM.
    Note:This I need to do so that I will be able to use software in VM without having laptop connected to any kind of external network.

    I hope you can understand what I am trying to achieve here.
    I have Windows 7 Prodessional and tried VM on it using native XP mode as well as VMware. in both cases I am just unable to ping from Host to VM and vice versa.

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